The Big Bang Story

Die Big Bang Story


07.03.2016 - R.KNOLL

GERMANY (Würzburg) - It began as a much-discussed project by the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture in Veitshöchheim. 20 students from a graduating class had joined forces for "Big Bang". The name stood for a kind of big bang in terms of wine marketing. Different wines were created in an unusual packaging. There was a small edition of a Silvaner, a Rotling and a cuvée of Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir in a liter bottle with a screw cap. In addition, the 0.2-liter bottle with the note “Activate rescue capsule” was marked with a “White” (Bacchus), a Rotling (Sauvignon blanc and Domina) and a "Red" filled. The peculiarity of the content here was the addition of yeast, which should be stirred up before opening so that it contributes to the taste.

When YOOPRESS reported back then under the title: "Big Bang in Veitshöchheim", there were also some people in the wine scene who were probably somewhat conservative-minded, who regarded the project as nonsense and attested that the round bottles were reminiscent of motor oil. Many others, of course, took it easy (such as the headmaster Dr. Hermann Kolesch, who supported the project) or smiled at the students' clever idea, which stood out benevolently from what is currently offered on many supermarket shelves under Hugo and Co becomes.

So it is not surprising that some of those involved and observers developed the experiment for uncomplicated wine enjoyment further. There are: the young winemakers Julia Dürr and Lukas Schmidt from Bullenheim (both Veitshöchheim graduates), the somewhat experienced winemaker Markus Meier from Usenheim and sommelier Sayed Barsim, a native Egyptian who lives in Burgoberbach. When they realized that Veitshöchheim was not considering a sequel to "Big Bang", they knocked on the door of the highest army command and received the rights and blessing to found Big Bang Winemaking GmbH.

A few weeks ago they made their first public appearance in a "spaceship" in astronaut suits. Their two products “White” and “Pink” were presented in 0.25 l “rescue capsules”. In terms of wine quality, the original Veitshöchheim form was followed. The target group are young people, disco and party guests as well as wheat beer drinkers who can appreciate the slightly cloudy, yeast-enriched wines and also want to help themselves directly from the bottle without a wine glass.

A “100% honest product” is promised. For the time being, the wines come from the two businesses of Schmidt (red) and Meier (white). 10,000 bottles were filled. The retail price of 4.49 euros is quite courageous (the first BANG series is still available in the YOOFOOD shop at a special price - see TIP). The drink is declared as a "German wine", the alcohol content is relatively low at 10.5 "Volts". Big Bang can also pass as “vegan”. The previous sales experiences are good. When Markus Meier presented at the Berlin Wine Fair, he had to ask his colleagues for more after the first day because he was sold out. "After a few weeks we have already sold around 2000 bottles," estimates Lukas Schmidt. "We probably won't be forced to empty a number of bottles ourselves."



Youtube: Episode 7: Big Bang Wine | self-employed

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