How young winemakers cook: wines and recipes of the Riesling generation

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The cookbook of young German winemakers.

In 2016, the "Generation Riesling" celebrates its tenth birthday. The network of young German winegrowers up to the age of 35 was set up by the German Wine Institute and now has around 500 members who bear responsibility in a wine-producing company. They are highly qualified, consistent
quality-oriented and international
Experienced. They exchange ideas with each other
and present their wines - by no means just Riesling - every year at numerous events for trade, gastronomy and the media.
With this book, we are making a gift to the young generation of the German wine industry as well as to you, dear readers, on this anniversary. It brings together a traditional recipe and a wine recommendation from each of the participating wineries - all members of the "Generation Riesling".
That is definitely something special – usually you only have one of the two: a cookbook or a wine book. We bring both elements together and thus give an insight into the wine culture and the typical cuisine of a region and even a winery.
We had no influence whatsoever on the selection of the establishments (all members were invited), the dishes and the wines. The recipes are as varied as the vintners themselves and offer a wide range
Spectrum - from a simple meal for every day to a sophisticated holiday feast. This results in a colorful mixture of deer gyros
from Vietnamese spring rolls to the classic sauerbraten (which, by the way, has proven to be particularly popular). A helpful legend provides orientation on the occasion and the level of difficulty, which also provides an overview of the time required.
The vast majority of the dishes are main dishes; There are also some appetizers and a dessert. All recipes are designed for at least four people, and several dishes are vegetarian - it doesn't always have to be
be meat or fish. Some dishes require several days of preparation (keyword sauerbraten: marinating time). It is therefore advisable to read each recipe through in its entirety before attempting it. Guess the ingredients
the wineries fundamentally and urgently to pay attention to organic quality.
The participating winemakers come from almost all German wine-growing regions and are listed in the book according to their origin. Each wine region is briefly introduced at the beginning of each chapter;
then the wineries appear in alphabetical order of their names with their recipe and wine. Each recipe is published with a list of ingredients and instructions for preparation, just like the winery in question
selected and put together. We have merely ensured that a uniform form is guaranteed in the linguistic representation.
This is not a book to learn to cook. Rather, the recipes should serve as inspiration and give suggestions as to which dishes and which wines go together.

Generation Riesling Cookbook Edition 2016


„Man muss kein Weinkenner sein, um die Weine von Lukas Schmidt zu mögen: denn sie schmecken einfach. Wenn man dann noch das Glück hat, Lukas Schmidt kennenzulernen und in „seine Welt“ entführt zu werden, wird man seine Weine lieben.“

Philipp Höhne - Geschäftsführer Bamberg Basketball

"Gerade mal 30 Jahre alt, aber bereits seit über 15 Jahren treffen wir uns im Weinkosmos immer wieder. Selten sehe ich Menschen mit einem so starken und fokussierten Ansatz Änderungen herbeizuführen und Visionen wahr werden zu lassen. Mut und Optimismus strahlte Lukas Schmidt schon immer aus, nun kommt die ernsthafte Komponente mit dem Willen der Veränderung dazu. Spürbar auch in seinen Weinen, klar auf das definierte Marktsegment ausgerichtet, eben überbordende üppige Nasenweine, die es schwer machen zu widerstehen. Und sichtbar im Weingut mit seiner neueingerichtet Tasting Area, die zum Party machen einlädt. Mit den duftenden Nasenweinen aus dem Weingut Lukas Schmidt.

Wir sehen uns wieder!


Susanne Platzer - Diplom Sommelier
Lukas Schmidt Wein