A story full of joy of life & adventure :-)

Eine Geschichte voller Lebensfreude & Abenteuer :-)

Joy of life or adventure :-)

Every now and then, when I drive out into the wide world from our little town of Bullenheim and am in a pedestrian zone, I simply smile at the people who come towards me. What's fascinating is that almost everyone smiles back. I am convinced that when we put positive things out into the world, just as much positive things come back. A few years ago I started to look more closely at the topic of personal development. At a seminar I once learned to describe my most important values ​​as a person. It became clear to me pretty quickly that JOY OF LIFE was one of them.

At the same time, my family always tells me: “Luke, when you're bored, you're obnoxious.” So I always see that I'm never bored and tackle one idea at a time and passionately put projects into action. There are dozens of beliefs that could also come now. In the end, one thing always happens: I slide from one ADVENTURE to the next. I don't know how you feel. But I love ADVENTURE. The unexpected is what makes life so incredibly exciting and exciting. Now it is of course clear that ADVENTURE is also an extremely important value in my life.

So what do you do as a winemaker with these findings? Yes indeed! I make a wine and bottle the values. In addition to LOVE, JOY OF LIFE and ADVENTURE were created. The two white wines are dry cuveé wines in which the focus is not on the grape variety, but rather on the feeling. Of course, the wines are also made according to their value. JOY OF LIFE logically fruity, juicy and easy to drink. And ADVENTURE a spicy, slightly richer wine that prepares you for your next experience.

Can you put your 6 most important values ​​into words?

I'm looking forward to the next ADVENTURE with lots of JOY OF LIFE with you!

JOY OF LIFE white wine dry 2022

Through life with a smile!

Oh yeah! To give yourself the chance every day to become the best, the absolute greatest of your life. JOY OF LIFE is one of my most important values. Having a smile on your lips and a positive, happy attitude towards life and everything that comes is incredibly fun and gives you a lot of ease. The wine is just right for the “glass is half full” people. Time for a smile. Time for pure joy of life. Enjoy it!

ADVENTURE white wine dry 2022

Curiosity about the unknown.

Games, fun and excitement. I love adventure. At the same time, this is one of my most important values. Get out of your comfort zone and into new adventures. No matter whether it's a new job, new partners, new business partners. ADVENTURE is exactly the right wine for people who like to look for thrills. Fruity, spicy and always a good companion. Let's go: time for something new!


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