Wine subscription August 2023 - Family

Weinabo August 2023 - Familie

                                                                       Bullenheim in August 2023

Dear club members,               



A really nice topic. Cohesion and being there for each other has always been very important to us in the winery and in the family. Even if one or the other may not always be able to express it, everyone is there for each other when it matters most. I am very grateful for that. For us it is completely normal for 3 and even 4 generations to live together on a farm at a certain time. Knowing that someone is always there is really nice. Even though each of us Schmidt's has our own strong opinions and many decisions are made by the “family council”, the end result is always a better whole.

Today, Papa Frank is the true grape guardian of the vineyards and lovingly looks after the organically grown vines. At the weekend he and his wife Carmen spoil their guests with incredibly delicious Franconian cuisine at the Johannesstuben inn at the winery.

I think if Grandpa were still alive today and saw Aunt Caro working full-time in the family winery again, he would be very happy. Caro is a true bundle of energy, with a lot of heart and passion, leads you through wine tastings, lovingly takes care of every concern of our guests and looks after our gastronomy and specialist retail customers.

And there is lots more great support. My fiancée Mirjam, who has her own family business in the travel industry, supports me diligently at events and is an important source of inspiration for me. Great-aunt Christa cooks every lunch for the entire team. You will also get to know Jonas, Fabian, Viki, Felix, Peter & Carmen at one or two events.

Today I would like to introduce and send you three of the family's favorite wines.

Papa Frank's favorite: 2022 Best of Bacchus

Frank always says he was born Bacchus and will die as Bacchus. That's why we've had our Best of Bacchus since 2013. The older vines on Bacchus have smaller berries and bring so much aroma and taste to the wine.

Aunt Caro's favorite: 2022 Rose /// Second Flight

We always talk openly about which wines will remain in the range in the future. One wine is certain for Caro, the rosé. Probably not just because the color of the wine matches her hair perfectly. ;)

Mirjam's favorite: Secco Blanc

Once with bubbles please! Oh, a glass of secco is always good. Mirjam prefers to drink something sparkling to start the evening. I can understand well. What do you think?

Have fun trying it out!

Your favorite winemaker

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