Wine subscription September 2023 /// With winemaker buddy Uli Kremer from Großheubach

Weinabo September 2023 /// Mit Winzerbuddy Uli Kremer aus Großheubach

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It's Saturday morning, it's 8 degrees and the fog is so beautiful in Bullenheim's paradise. We have now harvested 98% of our grapes and can be incredibly grateful for this great vintage. We can be very grateful that we had nice rain at the beginning of August and then pure sunshine again from the end of August. This gives a lot of minerality and fruit to the grapes. The young wines are currently fermenting in the cellar. I have the pleasure of tasting each and every one of these pieces of gold every day. Today I can tell you one thing: we have a world-class vintage in our cellar. I'm looking forward to tasting these wines with you next year.

I don't have to tell you again that Lukas Schmidt stands for nose wines and therefore for aromatic white wines and rosés. In the past, the cultivation of red grape varieties played a very small role in our paradise. Every now and then we like to drink a great bottle of red wine. Dad planted a vineyard of Pinot Noir in Bullenheim in the early 1990s. To date it has not become anything more. A specialty, so to speak. 'Pinot', as it is also known internationally, is the star of the wine world. This has always fascinated me, which is why I produce exactly one small wooden barrel of this wine per year with my own signature.

In this wine package I would like to introduce you to an absolute red wine specialist from the wonderful Churfranken wine region. Uli Kremer. The family winery is located in beautiful Großheubach on the Lower Main. One of the best red wine grapes in Germany grows on the sunny terraced vineyards. In the winery, Pinot Noir is one of the best wines. As the saying goes - it is never too late for Pinot Noir or it is never too early for Pinot Noir. That's why, in addition to the Churfranken Pinot Noir, I would also like to show you the sister grape variety - the Frühburgunder in comparison. Uli and I completed further training together to become technicians for viticulture and oenology and at the same time to become master winemakers. An incredibly valuable time with one or two bottles of wine.

Pinot Noir First Flight 2022 /// Location: Bullenheimer Paradies

A mix of red berries says “hello” to the olfactory organ. Fresh, fruity, wonderfully spicy. In the mouth a spectacle of dry freshness and noble herbal spice. Red berries are in command on the tongue, and the finest grip nestles on the palate. Tenderly substantial and yet also juicy, the wine makes an impressive appearance. Lean in the mouth, extremely fresh and stimulating, this elegant Pinot Noir drinks itself away. Cheers!

Winzerhof Kremer / 2021 Pinot Noir Churfranken

Typical Pinot Noir with great cherry aromas and fine acidity. Grown in a terraced location on the Großheubacher Bischofsberg. Matured for 12 months in barrels (Franconian oak).

Winzerhof Kremer / 2021 Frühburgunder

Very delicate early Burgundy with clear fruit and pleasant acidity. Fine red sandstone minerality. Grown on a steep slope on the Großheubacher Bischofsberg. The vines are over 40 years old and deeply rooted. It was aged in small French oak barrique barrels (12 months).

Have fun trying it out!

Your favorite winemaker

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