Lukas Schmidt from Bullenheim is one of the best

Friendship books are very popular in school. Each classmate and friend has to write their name and answer questions about their favorite animal, color and food, or preferred school subject and place of birth.
The most popular question, however, is: "What would you like to be when you grow up?", which one usually fills out very naively as an adolescent with professions such as a firefighter, teacher, police officer or veterinarian. Lukas Schmidt from Bullenheim already knew exactly what he wanted to do back then. Ever since he was a child, he had clearly had a dream as a winegrower!
Lukas was born in April 1993 and grew up on his parents' winery in the middle of the Bullenheim vineyard paradise. After elementary school in Lipprichhausen, he went to middle school in Uffenheim, where he finished his school leaving certificate in 2009.

Goal clearly in sight During his school days, the teachers repeatedly recommended internships for career orientation, but Lukas had his goal firmly in mind even back then and immediately after graduating from school he started teaching winemaking at the state institute for viticulture and horticulture in Veitshöchheim.

Through the winery business at home and the daily work of the family, Lukas already had a close connection to wine and working as a winemaker, but with the start of the apprenticeship and the intensive exchange with his classmates, Lukas knew that he was 100 percent on the right track was.
The 22-year-old thus completed his apprenticeship as the third-best journeyman in Bavaria with a grade of 1.7. "Once I've ended up at home on the farm, I won't leave anymore," thought Lukas, and after the apprenticeship he decided to gain experience abroad in southern Styria on a winery. After six months, the Bullenheimer returned with a lot of knowledge to start his technician and master for viticulture and oenology, also in Veitshöchheim.
Success through determination
For a further exchange of experiences, the young winegrower went to South Tyrol again during the semester break to acquire even more know-how about wine. "As a modern winemaker, you can no longer afford to be unfit in one area," explains Lukas. "That's why I always stayed on the ball in all subjects and areas." That was ultimately rewarded.
Lukas Schmidt with his master project and his two certificates. Photo: bde

In July of this year, "Bulli", as his friends call him, graduated from his technician as the best of the year and best technician for viticulture and oenology in Bavaria with the dream mark of 1.5 and his master as the second best master winemaker.
He is currently fully involved in his father's winery. Above all, Lukas is responsible for marketing, grape production and cellar management.

Find your own style
"I'm happy to find my own style and to be able to put my stamp on the wine," enthuses Bulli. Lukas still has a lot planned for the next few years at the Winzerhof in Bullenheim with its attached economy. He would like to continue to shape the farm in a positive way, further promote his own wine, strengthen regional marketing and perhaps open a vinotheque as a representative of the 11th generation of the farm.
If you talk to Lukas, you simply feel the love for the product, for the homeland and for the vineyards in paradise. "Someone once asked me what my dream job is and I answered winemaker. He asked me what my hobby is and I answered again winemaker. He then asked me what I do if I'm not a winegrower and I answered him: drink wine – especially Riesling,” smiles Bulli.bre

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