Wine subscription April 2023 - time for new ADVENTURES

Weinabo April 2023 - Zeit für neue ABENTEUER

                                                                       Bullenheim in April 2023

Dear club members,               


off to the next ADVENTURE,

exclusively with you, of course. I am convinced that without one or two adventures, our life would be really boring. But maybe you're thinking that a little peace and quiet in everyday life would be nice - well, that can probably be set up quickly with a well-chilled bottle of wine, at least for a few hours. 😉 Not every adventure is easy, but I firmly believe that every exciting event allows our personality to grow. What do you think?

As a winegrower, I am very fortunate to be able to make some of my thoughts, wishes and dreams come true in liquid form. And so good conversations with customers, friends and family always lead to new ideas. And since I'm not the type of person who later says: "If only I had done that", we simply implement things in our winery and try out a lot - just like real adventurers.

Two super exciting wines, I may now introduce you to the topic.

2022 KABI STYLE Riesling sweet

One winemaker's lemonade, please! Kabi, as it is affectionately called among winegrowers. The fresh cheeky pear meets aromatically with a mango for a date. In fact, it's Sunday morning at 10am for breakfast. The kabi has so much fresh and juicy bam!

The Riesling grapes are harvested earlier, so the Kabi has a fresh and animating acidity. By stopping the fermentation, the wine has a really pleasant sweetness and accordingly less alcohol. This creates a mineral, fresh and fruity acidity. The origin of this type of wine originally comes from the Moselle.

A type of wine for which we actually had to obtain a special permit in Franconia from a purely legal point of view. (Because Franconian wine should not be too sweet in relation to alcohol.)

Since I myself accidentally emptied a bottle in a short time, I packed two of them in the package for you. 😉

2022 WHITE LOBSTER - Exclusive summer wine with GOSCH


Our wonderfully fruity wine style goes so well with fish. That's another reason why I'm really looking forward to our partnership with GOSCH.

I am incredibly proud of our WHITE LOBSTER, a fruity, fresh white wine cuvée that we were able to create exclusively for Germany's most well-known fish restaurant brand.

The WHITE LOBSTER dances crisply, briskly and cheekily on the tongue. Some honey claws at a piece of lemon. A wonderfully fruity-fresh play that turns the sunset into the highlight of the day. A great summer wine that never gets boring. Excitement from beginning to end.

I wish you a lot of fun and a great day with the wines.

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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