Wine subscription March 2023 /// With winemaker buddy Johanna Bossert from Gundersheim

Weinabo März 2023 /// Mit Winzerbuddie Johanna Bossert aus Gundersheim

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or? Naturally! The first flowers are blooming, every now and then we have more than 10°C and on sunny days our hearts really warm up. It's spring. And I have to say it's about time. As nice as the contemplative time was, I'm really looking forward to spring, sun, sunshine, mild summer evenings and lots of wine tasting and festivals. The start of the year, when the vegetation is dormant, is always a great time for us winemakers to network and talk to friends about old times.

I am very grateful that we have been able to be part of the MOD:ERNIST winegrowers' group, which originated in Munich, for several years and are actually even founding members. MOD is a wine network of young winegrowers who come from all corners of Germany.

“Great wines from passionate winemakers, wine merchants looking for discoveries for their customers. We bring both together! MOD winegrowers are constantly in conversation, telling authentic stories for communication in retail. The MOD portfolio offers variety that can be experienced, pure enjoyment - simply strong wines. Awarded or insider tip - the wines have character, an excellent price-performance ratio, are sought after on the market - in short, the underdogs of the wine scene." - Jenny Weiss, Managing Director

Winemaker buddy in March - Johanna Bossert from Rheinhessen

With this package I can introduce you to a fellow winemaker, of course from the MOD group. Namely Johanna Bossert, who brings a breath of fresh air to the family winery in Gundersheim with her brother Philipp. Johanna Bossert's wines are characterized by a clear, pure style, they are puristic wines with a high degree of freshness and drinking flow. I am very curious to hear what you say about the Bosserts' wines. This is going to be great!

2021 BOSSERT Riesling Gutswein

The young winemaker Johanna Bossert has selected a 21er Riesling Gutswein for you in this package. She says about her estate wines: "Our estate wines are stimulating, sophisticated and typical of the hills with clear grape variety character. I wish you maximum fun with it.

2021 dry Riesling /// Second Flight

As a direct comparison to the Riesling Gutswein from the Bossert's, I have included my 2021 Second Flight for you. Based on our mighty Gipskeuper soils, it has a super nice structure and flavor.

2022 dry Riesling /// Second Flight

Crisp fresh! Just for you. Last week we bottled the 2022 Second Flight Riesling. My thought was that I would compare the two 21ers with the new year. The new vintage is clearly fresher and more lively. Louder, tighter and longer. Will 2022 also be a strong vintage?

Nice to know ///

Riesling. The king of white wines. Internationally, Germany is unbeaten for super juicy fresh Riesling. With more than 24,000 hectares, every second Riesling vine worldwide is in Germany. My father Frank Schmidt took the first steps with Riesling in our winery. We now cultivate more than 90% of all Riesling vines in the Bullenheimer Paradise.

I wish you a lot of fun and a great day with the wines.

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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