Wine subscription February 2023 /// Time for lots of LOVE

Weinabo Februar 2023 /// Zeit für ganz viel LIEBE


but something like that! Let's be honest, the best things in life happen exactly when we don't expect them, don't they? It's been a long time since it's been a really sunny day - and that feels incredibly good. Just as I started to write this letter to you, Celine Dion's masterpiece "My heart will go on" is playing on the radio - there are probably few songs that would fit the theme of LOVE better.

It was particularly important to me to send this wine package out to you in good time before Valentine's Day. I personally think that it doesn't necessarily need a fixed date like Valentine's Day to show LOVE. However, it is a nice occasion to be reminded that LOVE is a fundamental value for many of us. As described in the last subscription, we have the annual motto "We stand by our values". And LOVE is truly one of my personally most important values.

It quickly became clear to me that this LOVING wine package had to revolve around rosé wines. That's why I packed you three really exciting wines. With a small world premiere.


2022 LOVE rose

I started to bottle my values ​​with LIEBE Rosé. Today you have one of the first bottles of LIEBE on the market in the wine package. LIEBE is a great, smooth, fresh and fruity rosé that is fun in all situations. In the future, this wine will be available in your local retail store and on Amazon. Dear men, if you have something to do well - a box of LOVE for your loved one can certainly be a good support.


2022 Rosé dry /// Second Flight

The second wine is also a dry rosé that has a little more minerality and fullness than LIEBE. A fabulous wine for the next barbecue evening or the sunset. A wine that will have a permanent place in our range from now on. I'm particularly curious to see how you like it compared to LOVE?!

2022 Rotling delicately fruity /// Second Flight

And of course he can't be missing. Our all-time favourite, the Rotling. The finely fruity, never offending cross-country skier, of which you should always keep a spare bottle in the fridge to be on the safe side. The lightest wine in this package, which I always go for as a sundwoner when the sun is back.

Nice to know ///

All three wines are rosé wines. Classic rosé is made from red grapes, which are quickly pressed and, like white wine, are fruity. The Rotling is an exciting Franconian invention, in which white grapes can also be pressed in addition to the red grapes. Which usually makes Rotlings a little easier.

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