Wine subscription January 2023 /// Winzerbuddie Nicolas Olinger

Weinabo Januar 2023 /// Winzerbuddie Nicolas Olinger


under this motto we start with you in a great new year. I wish you all the best for the new year and that all your wishes come true.

We all have values ​​that we stand behind, according to which we shape our lives, and of course we like to defend them. One of my most important values ​​is JOY OF LIFE. And I dedicated the wine subscription package to this value in January. Life is so beautiful, exciting and exciting at the same time. Even if we are all allowed to master challenges again and again, which are sometimes not very easy. One thing is clear, the highs in life always come. And because of that, I give every day the chance to be the best of my life. There's no reason to be in a bad mood.

Today I can introduce you to a winemaker buddy that also radiates pure joie de vivre. Nicholas Olinger. A super cool winemaker from the wine town of Iphofen, who, like me, masters the exciting challenge of continuing the traditional family winery while contributing his signature and identity. Nico about his wines: “Our wines come from the gut. Different every year, without a fixed plan, but with a lot of feeling.” That sounds great! He has the chance to work with many old vineyards. His main focus is on the traditional grape varieties Riesling, Burgundy and Sylvaner. Yes, you read that right, no spelling mistakes this time. Nico is one of those winegrowers who traditionally write Silvaner with a "Y". In addition to the wine, the family also has a guest house in Iphofen. So there is a lot to do and in my opinion definitely worth a visit.

We inherit many values ​​from our parents along the way. And because it's also incredibly important to me, we're starting the new year with the traditional Franconian grape variety Silvaner. I would say that there isn't a winemaker in Franconia that doesn't have Silvaner in their range. In this package I would like to show you two different Silvaner. And perfectly in line with the topic of joie de vivre, the entry-level Silvaner of every company.

2021 Green Sylvaner – Nicolas Olinger

Nico about his Sylvaner:

This is how our Heimat tastes medium-bodied with a soft acidity. Fresh vineyard herbs on the nose. Sylvaner is Franconia and Franconia is our home. Juicy fruit with herbal aromas. A hint of yeast on the nose with earthy and mineral notes.

2022 Silvaner Second Flight – Lukas Schmidt

Our SELF-CONFIDENT HEAD OF CHARACTER now as a new 22 year old. A super fresh, fruity and spicy Silvaner that is just plain fun.

The exciting thing is that both Silvaners grew on Gipskeuperboden, just a few kilometers apart. And you can taste the handwriting of one of us very well with both entry-level Silvaners. Or what do you mean?

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