Wine subscription July 2022 / Winzerbuddie Julia Dürr-Döppert

Weinabo Juli 2022 / Winzerbuddie Julia Dürr-Döppert

Bullenheim in July 2022

Dear club members,

The Scheurebe is so beautiful!

I've been looking forward to this topic for a long time. Today we are talking about the queen of white wine, namely the Scheurebe. Why this topic now? I hope you have been able to keep a cool head in the temperatures over the past few weeks. For my part, I was happy to open a very well-chilled bottle of Scheurebe in the evening after work was done. Incidentally, Scheurebe is the answer to all questions. Because Scheurebe simply always tastes good. It is a wine that always convinces with its unique fruity-spicy aroma, never fills you up and does not demand maximum attention from the nose and the palate with every sip. #DrinkMoreShy

I am particularly pleased to round off the LUKAS SCHMIDT & Friends wine subscription today with a wine from a long-time companion. Like me, Julia Dürr-Döppert comes from the center of my world – Bullenheim. In addition to the winery, Julia and her family also run a hedge farm that is open all year round (highly recommended! 😊) and a guest house with beautiful vintner rooms. I was allowed to learn how to start my career in the world of wine together with her. Together we started in 2009 to learn the profession of winemaker at the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture. After a year of creative learning break, we then went together to the state master and technician school and did our master winemaker and state-certified technician for viticulture and oenology. I am proud to announce that Julia graduated as a master winemaker at the top of my class and I graduated as a technician for wine and oenology. The regional press wrote at the time "The best come from paradise." Well, if that's the case, you dear Club members can now taste liquid happiness in this package.

Franconian state newspaper in August 2015

In this package, I'll show you what the Bullenheimer Paradise location can do!

Well, what do you think the best Scheureben grow in Bullenheim?

2021 Scheurebe First Flight /// Location Bullenheimer Paradise:

FAST FEGER. Welcome to the tropics! Ripe mango, honey, pineapple and peach come together. Surprise then in the mouth, because juicy, but bone-dry and with a grandiose grip. Fine tartness on the tongue, powerfully spicy on the palate. What an entrance from this anything but shy vine! Fresh acidity, fine juice, brisk drinking flow, this wine has everything you could wish for on a hot summer day. Endless drinking pleasure.

2021 Scheurebe HONEY DEW / sweet wine :

THIS IS SWEET SEDUCTION. Honey, apricot, some mango and a dash of lemon. There is joy in the olfactory organ. Sensual, juicy, sweet and curvy, the drop confidently rolls down your tongue and literally lulls you in with its ripe juice. On the palate he fills out a registration form and makes it clear that he has come to stay. Charming and super sexy, he leaves the clear message that he is probably the sweetest seduction you can elicit from Scheurebe.

2021 Scheurebe Bullenheimer Paradise dry / Winery Dürr, Bullenheim:

Flavor and full throttle. Julia's Scheureben are always characterized by a very clear chassis aroma. The wine seduces! In the Franconian Bocksbeutel, homeland connected and grounded. A very precise and clear wine style. Just try it!

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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