Wine subscription August 2022 / Winzerbuddie Felix Klüpfel and our Silvaner

Weinabo August 2022 / Winzerbuddie Felix Klüpfel und unser Silvaner

Bullenheim in August 2022

Dear club members,

we can't do without him either - Silvaner!

As you know, our great strength and passion lies in nose wines. We love aroma in the glass. That makes us something special in the wine world anyway. I know few fellow winemakers who fly their flag for aromatic wines. So what does he want with Silvaner now? Good question!

Here comes the answer. My family has been making a living from and with wine for over half a millennium. Wine flows in our veins. 😉 Not only because of our tradition are we proud of Franconia - and also of Bavaria. Anyone who knows us and has already taken part in a wine tasting with me knows that I can't rhetorically hide my origins either. Just as the pretzel belongs to the white sausage, the Silvaner belongs to Franconia. There is no growing region in the world that grows more Silvaner in percentage terms. A grape variety that makes the Franconian triad (gipskeuper, federal sandstone & shell limestone), i.e. the soil formations in the wine region of Franconia, wonderfully tasty. On our mighty Keuper soil we have very aromatic, complex Silvaner wines. And with my signature, the Silvaner have a super fine & complex fruit.

Winzerbuddie Felix Klüpfel from Thüngersheim

In this package I can also introduce you to one of my longest companions. Felix Klüpfel runs a traditional winery in Thüngersheim near Würzburg with his family. Together we did the winemaker training and then the further training to become a master winemaker. We have already been able to spend one or the other instructive wine tasting together during our apprenticeship. Felix and I do indeed have a lot in common. Today, while preparing for the wine subscription, I found out that our wineries have almost exactly the same history. The Klüpfel winery has been around since 1609. So also more than half a millennium! Wow! As a homage to tradition, his top wines are called "Edition 1609." Felix and his father Albert describe their wines as down-to-earth, solid, authentic, strong, honest and reliable - I can agree with that one hundred percent. I would like to show you one of these wines in this wine subscription! 😊

In fact, you can taste a few different styles together in this Silvaner Flight. The comparison between my First Flight Silvaner and Felix Klüpfel's Alte Reben Silvaner is particularly exciting. Once expanded in stainless steel and once in a large wooden barrel. Once Gipskeuperboden and once shell limestone.

2021 Sylvaner /// Second Flight

CONFIDENT CHARACTER HEAD. Fine pear tones gently pull up the nostrils. Accompanied by a delicate herbal note and a touch of pineapple. Noble spiciness settles in immediately on the palate, accompanied by fine enamel and a delicate, earthy tartness. The tongue is washed by the ripe juice of the pears and the aforementioned pineapple. A pronounced minerality envelops the characterful play of aromas and encourages the next large sip. A Silvaner as you imagine it.

2021 Silvaner /// First Flight Location Bullenheimer Paradise

SILVANER SUPER SEXY. The fresh scent of ripe pears and juicy lemons fills the nostrils, which is immediately noticeable in the mouth. Fresh and cheeky, the two grab their tongues to ensure a lively flow of saliva. The acidity is animating, the spiciness is yellow and you can feel the delicate enamel on the palate. Everything is accompanied by a wonderful minerality that breathes character and profile into this drop. Silvaner as nose wine!

2021 Silvaner Edition Old Vines 1609

This Silvaner lives from the mouthfeel. It is soft, mushy and juicy. Expanded in the large wood of Franconian Spessart oak, it looks very fine and elegant. Not intrusive. Down-to-earth Franconian, just like the Klüpfels! Big cinema!

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

/// Study trip to Styria in summer 2017

from the left:

Valentin Reinhardt, Nils Hohnheit, Lukas Schmidt, Felix Klüpfel

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