Wine subscription June 2022 / I love large bottles!

Weinabo Juni 2022 / Ich liebe Großflaschen!

Bullenheim in June 2022

Dear club members,

I love big bottles!

According to the motto: "The best bottle of wine is the magnum bottle, for two - if one is the driver." 😉 - I put a big bottle in your package today.

In southern Styria, more precisely in Sulztal, right on the Slovenian border, I was able to learn from Hannes Dreisiebner at the Dreisiebner Stammhaus winery. The Styrians have always been very good at presenting themselves and their wines perfectly. In addition to one or the other wine tasting, I was also able to explore all the wine shops there. Something I always noticed is that the Styrian winegrowers also offer all their wines in large bottles (1.5l, 3l, 6l,...). I haven't seen anything like that in Germany either. Most of the time, only the great wines are offered in single magnum bottles - which of course quickly cost over one hundred euros a bottle. I was very quickly enthusiastic about the idea of offering my entire range in large bottles. On the one hand, this has the advantage that wines can mature much better in larger containers and, on the other hand, such magnum bottles are also a real eye-catcher. Our entire range is now available as standard in the 1.5l magnum bottle and on request also in the 3.0l double magnum bottle.

After the past hot summer days, it goes without saying that I present you the summer wine par excellence today. In the June subscription package you will find a magnum bottle and a "normal" 0.75l bottle of our fruity, delicious 2021 Rotling /// Second Flight - which is finely fruity. I know that there are one or two of my customers who get this package and like to drink really dry. I have a great recommendation for you. Just invite a few guests to a barbecue soon, because our Rotling goes perfectly with it. Best of course chilled!

2021 Rotling /// Second Flight

0.75l & 1.5l magnum bottle.



Cherries, strawberries and currants literally fly through the nostrils. And also in the mouth a selection of the finest red berries, which meet for a juicy, fresh rendezvous. With curves and an exquisite opulence. A true fiber flatterer that beguiles with juice and smoothness and, as it feels, intends to settle there permanently on the palate. Well chilled (with a slice of lemon) probably the most sensual Rotling in the world.

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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