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As a young boy on a winery you are naturally quickly introduced to the family business. When I was three years old, Grandma and Grandpa gave me my first pedal tractor. Interest in tractors and machines is constantly increasing. It is proven that my family has been here on the estate in Bullenheim since 1639. It probably took me a few years to understand how long that really is. And it is not a given that family businesses survive over the centuries. I am incredibly grateful for everything my ancestors have created. And as the 11th generation successor, I am happy to take on the responsibility of continuing the family winery. Of course, the Schmidt family has always had something to do with wine. The origin lies in a mixed agricultural operation in which people used to be self-sufficient. Fortunately, the hobby for fine distillates also emerged from this time. As we all know, standing still means going backwards, moving forward with all the experience of previous generations and translating my family's values ​​into today - that is my very special task.

In this wine subscription we have a winery that has been kissed awake again as if from a Sleeping Beauty slumber. Frankenberg Castle. From Bullenheimer Paradies you can see the beautiful castle on the edge of the forest. Maximilian Czeppel is operations manager and cellar master at Frankenberg Castle. We meet several times a year and discuss the current vintage and the wine market. I would say that Maximilian's and my wine styles could hardly be more different. The style of the wines at Schloss Frankenberg reminds me of a mineral, Burgundian wine style. Wines with structure, power and lots of spice. I am particularly pleased that the Louisenberg Pinot Blanc is included in this wine subscription package. A beautiful, deep and spicy Pinot Blanc. I will also introduce you to my 2021 Silvaner First Flight, which, based on my style, is very straightforward, fruity and elegant. I hope you have a lot of fun with these two completely different dining companions.

2021 Silvaner dry /// First Flight | Luke Schmidt

Bullenheim paradise

The fresh scent of ripe pears and juicy lemons fills the nostrils and is immediately noticeable in the mouth. Fresh and cheeky, the two of them take over their tongues to ensure a brisk flow of saliva. The acidity is stimulating, the spice is yellow and you can feel delicate melting on the palate. Everything is underlined by a wonderful minerality that gives this drop character and profile.

2021 Pinot Blanc dry | Frankenberg Castle


All-rounder for the modern kitchen

Spicy fruit interplay of pineapple, star fruit with slightly roasted nuts and smokiness. Fine creaminess, vanilla and yellow fruit on the palate, juicy and mineral on the finish. Goes wonderfully with white meat dishes such as veal and chicken.

Have fun trying it out!

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