Wine subscription June 2023 MUT - Lugana Killer & super zero Muscat

Weinabo Juni 2023 MUT - Lugana Killer & super zero Muskateller

Bullenheim in June 2023

Dear club members,               


Just yesterday I read in a book that we as humans only have two options: 1. Make mistakes or 2. Do nothing. I had to think about it a little, then I realized that making mistakes is important. We all learn from the mistakes we make and in any case have the opportunity to turn our mistakes into advantages with new energy and experience. An incredibly exciting insight, right?

Today I can introduce you to another value of mine and my family. It's about COURAGE. Many of you know that I'm bubbling over with new ideas, even if I have the odd crazy idea, I still like to try things out and some of it takes a lot of courage. To give you a nice example, to this day we are still the only winemaker in the town of Bullenheim who farms his vineyards consistently and certified organically. English lawn becomes a habitat covered in many flowering grasses. Chemical agents are turned into normal baking powder, which protects our vines from infections. You can certainly imagine that this doesn't fit into the worldview of every neighbor. In any case, we notice that our nature and the vines become more vital and that in the end, and that is the most important thing, we have tastier grapes.

I would like to introduce you to two incredibly exciting and courageous wines in this wine package. We start with our LUGANA killer, our wine called “Sneak Preview”, a wine for which we do not reveal the grape variety. Why? Because in the end all that really matters is that it tastes good. Or? Wine is for drinking. With the secret grape variety, we humans can ignore all prejudices and enjoy the wine without pigeonholing. The sneak goes always, everywhere, to everything and everyone. The second wine is our Muscat “super zero”. Back in Styria, I learned to appreciate and love Muscat. Finally, a few years later, I planted the first muscat vines in Bullenheim. We consistently make the wine without residual sugar. Because anyone who has ever eaten a piece of cake that was too sweet knows that it fills you up. And ultimately we want to make wines that leave you wanting more even after the first bottle. In fact, many Muscats, especially in South Tyrol or Spain, are sweet.

2022 Sneak Preview – grape variety secret.


What a scent! Exotic, like melons, peaches and some red grapefruit. Crisp, quick and cheeky, the drop dances on the tongue. A little honey clings to a piece of lemon, the acidity is agile and racy, which skillfully stimulates the flow of saliva. Delicate meadow herbs gently touch the palate, and the finish feels juicy and even slightly melty. Pure exoticism that sweetens your day. A really quick summer wine for all occasions. Goes always, everywhere, to everything and everyone. All that matters is that it tastes good. Not more.

What the wine blogger Captain Cork reports about my sneak preview:


“Rich, bright straw yellow in the glass. On the nose, apple compote with whole pieces and lemon zest. In the mouth it is incredibly solid, firm and creamy at the same time. On the palate, orange, pomelo, mandarin - that's a nice mix.[...] For this price, a huge dose of good food wine that you can safely stash away, because you'll always need one like that." - Captain Cork

2022 Muscat dry /// Second Flight


Unmistakably Muscat on the nose. Fine spice, firm gooseberry and a hint of ripe apple. Juicy, but above all wonderfully crunchy, the drop sits on the tongue. The finest melting is important on the palate, showing that cheeky freshness can definitely have a few curves. A pineapple trots through the scene and adds some tropical magic. A really fast drink with an enormous drinking flow and the makings of an absolute summer hit.

Have fun trying it out!

Your favorite winemaker

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