Wine subscription May 2022 / Franconian Riesling? Yes indeed!

Weinabo Mai 2022 / Fränkischer Riesling? Jawohl!

Bullenheim in May 2022

Dear club members,

Franconian Riesling? Yes indeed!

In the last wine package we showed you the wonderful world of aromatic grape varieties. Deciding which wines to choose to start the summer with was not that easy.

I decided on one of my (secret) passions. Riesling. In the international wine world it is clear that nobody can do Riesling as well as we Germans. Whether the New Zealanders, Californians or the winemakers from South Africa, they have all been trying to get close to German Rieslings for years. Unsuccessful. But why is it like that?

The keyword here is “cool climate”. In Germany, we have an unmistakable and unique climate for fruity white wines, including Riesling, of course. Especially at the end of August, beginning of September, the temperatures drop sharply at night. This ensures that the vines store more aromas in the grapes while they are finally ripe and, above all, that more of the fresh, sparkling acidity is retained. That's what we call "cool climate" in the wine scene.

Franconia stands for Silvaner, doesn't it? Yes, we love Silvaner. In 1999 my father planted the first Riesling vineyard here in the Bullenheimer Paradise and we noticed that Riesling grows very well here on the strong Keuper soil. In the meantime, 12 vineyards have been planted with Riesling in Bullenheim. Our Rieslings have ripe fruit and great flavor and are therefore the perfect accompaniment to food.

In mid-May, we planted over 1400 new Riesling vines in paradise.

The package in May is bold. A perfect package to start your barbecue season. I packed you three different vintages of Riesling. I vinified all three myself and are on the same quality level. Perfect for fillet steak & baked potatoes.

2016 Riesling Lage Bullenheimer Paradies dry : With this wine I would like to show you how lightly matured Rieslings taste. Aromatically, the wine is reminiscent of ripe peaches. The acidity is nicely integrated in the taste.

2017 Riesling Lage Bullenheimer Paradies : The 17 vintage was anything but easy, a lot of rain in summer made the work difficult. However, this also meant that the summer wasn't that hot and that's exactly why it was a top Riesling year!

2021 Riesling Second Flight dry : May makes everything new! Of course, I would also like to show you the current Second Flight Riesling in this flight. Like 2017, 2021 was also a great vintage for Riesling. The Second Flight Riesling is so beautifully complex. Fruit / spice and structure combined. However, the wine needs some air. As a recommendation, simply drink the first glass more slowly. 😉

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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