Wine subscription April 2022 / Winzerbuddie Bianca Kilian - Hello nose wine!

Weinabo April 2022 / Winzerbuddie Bianca Kilian - Hallo Nasenwein!

Bullenheim in April 2022

Dear club members,



Hello Nose Cries!

There are more than 7,000 vintners and winegrowers in Franconia and yet the world of wine is very small. On my way I was able to get to know many great winemaker buddies - new German for colleagues. In the meantime, many friendships have developed from this. You taste each other's wines and talk shop. You help each other with problems and stand together in difficult years. Isn't that great? Personally, I live the winemaker friendships like this.

Today I would like to introduce you to a longtime companion. Bianca Wellmann has her family winery together with her father and mother in Ippesheim, which, like us, is in the heart of the wine paradise of Franconia.

Bianca and I have been in close contact on the subject of wine for many years. We have always been active members of the Paradise Wine community project, and a few years ago we were both first chairmen of the Ippesheim wine-growing association and the Bullenheim winegrowers' association. During this time, we both came up with the idea of introducing a winegrowers' table in our home country in order to exchange ideas and grow together in the region. In the meantime, both the winegrowers and the tour guides regularly take part.

In the exclusive wine subscription package for April, I wanted to show you how complex fruit can be. In addition to the classic Franconian grape varieties, Bianca and her father also grow rarities such as Faberrebe, Kerner and Traminer. With this package I want to show how wonderful the world of nose wines can be. That's right. Wines that you have in the glass that challenge and caress your own nose. Wines where you never want to put the glass down!

2019 Traminer Spätlese delicately fruity : An amazing scent of rose, lychee and elderflower. For me, Bianca's Traminer is the perfect introduction to the world of dessert wines. A freshly baked apple pie goes perfectly with this for me! 😊

2021 Muskateller Second Flight dry : Nose wine number 2, just as extraordinary as Traminer is Muskateller, which I learned to appreciate and love during my apprenticeship in southern Styria. Muskateller always dry for me. The wine now goes perfectly with the (soon to be) sunny spring. The wine for the terrace with particularly good conversations.

2021 Scheurebe Second Flight dry : The queen of white wine. Scheurebe, our absolute parade discipline. We have loved Scheurebe for decades. It is important to me here that my Scheurebe wines are not opulent or filling. I appreciate fruity, spicy Scheureben that are just fun to drink. Juicy. Fruity. Spicy. Tip: Give the wine some time in the glass. The Scheurebe always needs a particularly intensive treatment - not only in the vineyard. 😉

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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