Wine subscription September 2022 /// What are we going to do with this autumn weather? Red!

Weinabo September 2022 /// Was machen wir den nur bei so einem Herbstwetter? Rot!

Bullenheim in September 2022

Dear club members,

What are we going to do with this autumn weather? Red!

Today is Tuesday, one of the first rainy days of autumn here in the wine paradise of Franconia. We have already been able to harvest 90% of our grapes. And I can tell you one thing - it's going to be great. Our nature is something very special. And the last few weeks have confirmed that again. The summer was known to be very dry this year. However, we then had 25 liters of rain at the end of August and it's like a small miracle. The vines have recovered so much from this rain. That the grapes are golden yellow and juicy when they are finally ripe. As a result, we have a great quality harvest - which has delivered exactly the target yields we wanted. Madness - isn't it?

So and now I'm sitting here in the evening with relaxed music and a delicious glass of wine and I actually thought that a Federweißer tasting in a wine package would actually be really exciting. However, this is not so easy to achieve in terms of shipping technology. That's why I thought I'd show you a small, fine passion in this package. Red wine. Yes, there is red wine in the Schmidt house and has been for several decades. To those of you who already have something in your head like “German and red doesn’t work at all” or “can that even be something” I can only say that this is exactly the reason why this wine subscription exists. Just get involved - we already know what we're doing. 😉

In fact, we have only 10% of our vineyards planted with red grape varieties, half of which become Rotling. Oh yes, and a bird of paradise chirped me that there will be a dry rosé from the 2022 vintage. So back to the topic. I love pinot noir. A really cool, filigree & mineral Pinot Noir is something really big. You can of course find it in the package as a First Flight wine. We also have our dry Domina Second Flight - a wine that my grandfather, my father and I always like to drink. Full-bodied, berry and flattering. Then we have the Cuveé Rot. A wine that my father Frank loves to drink. With some residual sugar, it is the ultimate easy-drinking red wine. Beautifully fruity and best enjoyed a little cooler at 10 - 12 degrees. Come and get involved with the 3 totally different red wines from our house.

2021 Domina /// Second Flight

NON-ENDING JUICE A mix of blackberries, cherries and a bar of light chocolate wafts through your nose with a wonderfully spicy taste. The drop rolls off crisply on the tongue, shows firm grip on the palate and surprises with a very subtle citrus note. Black cherries are in command, the chocolate dances in the background, the finale is juicy and fresh thanks to the wonderful acidity. The wine remains noticeable for a long time and makes you want to take another big sip.

2021 Cuveé Red /// Second Flight

RED TEMPOBOLZER With best regards from the raspberry, this drop introduces itself to the nose. Accompanied by a few plums and a fine herbal spice. As soon as it hits the tongue, the bear is tap-dancing with sheer brisk freshness. Citrus notes, cherries, raspberries and a wonderfully agile acidity ensure theater in the hatch. It is fruity, fast-paced and extremely lively and makes it difficult to settle for just one glass. Summer red wine with an enormous train.

2021 Pinot Noir /// First Flight

ELEGANT GENTLEMAN A mix of red berries says hello to the olfactory organ. Fresh, fruity, wonderfully spicy. In the mouth a spectacle of drier freshness and fine herbal spices. Red berries are in command on the tongue, the finest grip nestles on the palate. Tenderly substantial and yet juicy, the drop makes an impressive appearance. Slim in the mouth, extremely fresh and animating, this elegant Pinot Noir drinks itself away. Chapeau!

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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