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Bullenheim in April 2022


Insanity! Wine has been made here at the Bullenheim winery for 11 generations, and it is a great honor for Lukas Schmidt to continue this legacy. Growing up with wine in your blood is something very special.

With a lot of power, energy and passion, Lukas Schmidt decided to return to his homeland, the Bullenheimer Paradise, after the successful Meier Schmidt project. A location that gives a lot of space for the root system of the vine with deep Gipskeuper soil. This location has always stood for its great potential and harmony with the Scheurebe. Today Lukas is allowed to work with vines that his grandfather Werner Schmidt planted with his hands more than 50 years ago.

Lukas Schmidt stands for complex, fruity and spicy nose wines. The young winemaker is particularly taken with Scheurebe, Muskateller & Riesling. Wine has to be great and uncomplicated at the same time. A new vinotheque is currently being built in the old half-timbered barn on the winery in Bullenheim, which will open in May. Lukas Schmidt and his family regularly invite you to culinary highlights and wine parties there.

Lukas Schmidt SECOND FLIGHT®

Summer, sun, beach & sea - in a nutshell. Aroma is at home here, the Second Flight wines are wines that speak. The grapes for the Second Flight wines are harvested by hand, processed very gently and fermented in a cool place. This is where wines are created that are real seducers - here nobody has to think long after the first bottle whether to open the second. We stand by fruit - stimulating, juicy and never filling.


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