The Meier Schmidt Project

Das Meier Schmidt Projekt


The occasion is a winery merger, a bold and innovative step - two small wineries become one and thus combine strength, manpower and profitability. That's exactly what the two wine lovers, or the "Boxbags" team, initiated and from now on the two winegrowers, whose wine history goes back 11 generations, will box each other up and consistently bottle in the traditional Bocksbeutel! This celebration took place in the newly built Ulsenheim wine hall. It is managed in a completely climate-neutral manner - among other things, the Bavarian Climate Prize was awarded for this the day before!

The event was moderated by Peter Wiese from Berlin in the spirit of Michael Buffer, and the sommelier stars Nathalie Lumpp and Marc Almert also bowed to the strict dictates of the crisp one and a half minute contributions per round and topic. It was also a challenge for the guests, because every half hour there was a new flight with two wines and dishes from the almost all starred guest chefs. Young winemaker Jimi-Blue Ochsenknecht faced the competition with his second vintage, as did Germany's probably most prominent winemaker Theresa Breuer, the VDP winery Korrell von der Nahe and the traditional Austrian estate Esterhazy.

In a nutshell, these wine battles were philosophical: Daniel Meis from the Korrell winery remarked, alluding to the paradise vineyard: "Everyone creates their own paradise". Lukas Schmidt heartily told what an honor it is to look after the vines that his grandfather planted and to stand knee-high in the grass, because he sees it as his task to think sustainable and organic for the generations after him . Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, who described wine as his “new passion”, was also emotional and world champion sommelier Marc Almert called Riesling an “affair of the heart”.

The guest chefs were also only culinary heavyweights: the regional star chefs Michael Ammon (1 star, Gasthaus Jakob), Fabian Denninger (1 star, Entenstuben), Lucki Maurer (TV Fleischflüsterer), Jens Hoferer (Kachler-Hoferer butcher, bratwurst world champion 2015) , Patrick von Vacona (Original Beans, Chocolate Whisperer) and Spyridoula Kagiaoglou (Greek Olive Oil Queen).

The guest star was boxing world champion Susi Kentikian, who did make a few quick moves in the boxing ring, but after a short show training session, recommended that the two winegrowers compete in drinking wine and not in boxing. Royal glamor was awarded by the Franconian Wine Queen Carolin Meyer, who finally emphasized the commitment to Franconian wine at this event.



Youtube: Climate-neutral winery Meier Schmidt - Climate Prize 2020

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