Wine subscription December 2022 /// The perfect dinner!

Weinabo Dezember 2022 /// Das perfekte Dinner!

The perfect dinner!

Today is the 4th of Advent, I'm sitting in front of the fireplace, I've lit the 4th candle and calmly read the letter from November on the subject of gratitude. Each and every one of you has contributed to the "new" winery being where it is today. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. The wine subscription has reached number 12 with this package. I got so much great feedback about this project that it will of course continue in the new year. With new LUKAS SCHMIDT wines, new project partners, new ideas and taste experiences. So you can really look forward to it - at least I'm already doing it.

Christmas is the time with family, closest friends and longtime allies. And also the time for good conversations over one or the other delicious meal. And since there is of course one or two bottles of wine for Christmas dinner in the Schmidt house, I can warmly recommend it to you. For this reason, with this package and the wines it contains, I have created a template for you to design, frame or perfect the Christmas menu.

Delicious wine and good food always go together. And I know that there are numerous books and recommendations on how to go about it and how to taste it. Which dish goes well with which wine. However, we all know that the dishes we cook, the wines we winemakers make are as different as our tastes. That's why I'm not a proponent of strict rules here. At this point I would like to give you two types of wine & food pairing that should help you to find your own way.


If the wine has a similarly intense flavor and structure as the dish, then we have a harmony of pleasures. Then everything fits together, nothing overshadows the taste of the other. Example: Scheurebe Second Flight with salmon fillet (light, spicy, the aroma of Scheurebe, goes wonderfully with light salty fish)

As we have all learned in life, opposites can also attract each other wonderfully. That creates excitement, also with food pairing. Example: Best of Bacchus with liver sausage bread & pickles (the hearty liver sausage goes wonderfully with the sweet taste of the wine and the aroma of the Bacchus plays beautifully with the sour pickles)

In the December wine subscription I have selected 3 wonderful wines for your Christmas menu. Of course, we start with a sparkling Secco Blanc to welcome our guests. If the food is not quite ready, the cook can use this motivation again. Our new Scheurebe Second Flight is sure to go perfectly with the starter. Why new? Because I am sending you the brand new 2022 vintage here. The Scheurebe goes great with soup or salad. There is certainly something hearty with the main course. Whether Christmas goose, roast burgundy, salted meat, raclette or other delicacies, I have the Pinot Noir First Flight here for you. It's best to open the bottle an hour before eating, then he can breathe a little more - that's good for him. Oh yes, and the Wienerle with potato salad, I can imagine it being wonderful. ;-)

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time.

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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