Wine subscription November /// Time for gratitude

Weinabo November /// Zeit für Dankbarkeit

Dear club members,

Time for gratitude!

Christmas time is getting closer step by step. The (hopefully) quiet & contemplative time begins. For me it was an incredibly good time. When it gets dark outside at 5 p.m., you don't really feel like you're missing out on anything in the world. I think the pre-Christmas season is the best time to be thankful. Personally, I am incredibly grateful for my family, who have been giving full throttle to the new winery since the beginning of the year. But also for nature, from which I believe we can still learn a great deal. Or?

Enough with the nostalgia. I would like to do something good for you in this package with a few pre-Christmas little things. We had some real bangers with the last package, which we hope you enjoyed. Now I would like to set your taste buds back on track a bit. We have our brand new white winemaker's mulled wine for you in this package. We tasted and refined the recipe over many intensive nights with the family. We are very curious how you like it! 😉

Our partner in this package is not a winemaker, but a real epicure. We are talking about our gingerbread star Michael Witte from the Nuremberg region. The Witte Lebkuchen company is known far beyond the Franconian borders for its delicious gingerbread. The family tradition of Christmas cookies goes back to 1935. Michael and I got to know each other during the Meier Schmidt project and have been working very well together ever since. I have always found it extremely important for family businesses to work together and stick together on a regional basis. I am very grateful that I keep meeting people who are passionate about their calling - like Michael Witte.

I would like to send you a pack of delicious Elisen gingerbread in this package.

I know that some of you are also enthusiastic about our delicious distillates. Because my grandfather Werner started fermenting and distilling the fruit from his own orchard in the 1970s. Today we have 6 wonderful distillates and liqueurs in our range. Matching our pre-Christmas package with the mulled wine and gingerbread, I have put our nut in the package. Nüssli is a hazelnut spirit, so it's sort of a middle ground between liqueur and spirit. A super delicious distillate after the meal that tastes really delicious like Nutella.

With the next package we have 3 very special wines for you again.

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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