Wine subscription February 2022 / Sparkling

Weinabo Februar 2022 / Prickelnd

Bullenheim in February 2022

Dear club members,

February will be sparkling!

There are a few days in February that give us reason to celebrate.

For example, February 2nd is Groundhog Day – do you know the classic film “Groundhog Day”? A wonderful opportunity for a sparkling film evening.

February 19th is Mint Chocolate Day – what a delicious combination, chocolate and secco.

But probably the most famous day in February is the 14th: VALENTINE'S DAY. Today, Saint Valentine's Day has evolved into a day of love. So what fits better on this day than enjoying a glass with a loved one?

Our Lukas Schmidt & Friends package in February consists of 3 highlights:

Secco Rosé : Our uncomplicated introduction to every evening. Simply sparkling delicious. A fruity, fragrant nose with notes of fresh strawberries, raspberries and red apples. In addition some citrus fruits and a hint of forest honey.

Secco white : Our sparkling fruit basket. Maracuja kisses grapefruit, meets banana and is caressed by lychee. The Secco Weiss is a great sparkling aperitif.

Sparkling wine: A deep look into our treasury brought me sparkling wine. A rarity from 2014, a great vintage. A vintage sparkling wine that will only be available in a few years. Fresh, sparkling and full-bodied in taste. A special treat that brings us back to our roots.

Have fun trying!

your favorite winemaker

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